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America for John Edwards

"Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards' campaign for president offers a much-needed vision that recognizes the hope and promise of America. It's a view that includes solidifying the plight of working families and others in the middle class. This group of Americans has struggled the past eight years under an administration that has catered to the well-connected and powerful, and it's time for leadership that understands the contributions and needs of American families. We believe that John Edwards can provide that leadership and urge Democratic and independent voters to support him in the California primary on Feb. 5."

Last week, more than 1,000 supporters attended a community meeting with Senator Edwards at the Southern California Public Service Workers' headquarters in Los Angeles. John Edwards enjoys the support of more than 760,000 union members across California, including the support of California's single largest union, the California SEIU State Council. And Senator Edwards has also won the support of dozens of diverse Democratic elected officials and party leaders from every region of the Golden State.

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